Chapter History

Alpha Theta was recolonized in Spring of 2006 with the help of David Rosengrant. Paul Turchin, along with the help of Alpha Iota (Montclair University), later helped strengthened the foundation of the Alpha Theta Chapter. They welcomed the Tau class at the end of the Fall 2006 semester, and Upsilon in 2007. The colony class' hard work paid off immediately for the chapter as they were recognized as one of the top chapters at the school's annual "Greek Awards". Today they are working to build not only the Chapter, but also to establish themselves in the Rutgers community; as well as provide the same dedication to service throughout not only the New Brunswick area, but globally as well.

Today, the chapter operates under the guidance of the Executive Board as well as the nine committees (the Executive Council guided by the Vice President) that plan events that help foster the growth and development of the chapter either through gaining members or embracing tripod ideals. The chapter is entering its sixth full year since its reactivation in Spring 2006. Since the colony's induction in Spring 2006, there have been 12 classes (Tau through Alpha Zeta). The membership of the Brotherhood after the graduation of some Brothers in May 2012 is currently around 40 Brothers including those who are inactive. The chapter continues to make strides to growth amongst the Phi Sigma Pi nation, the Alpha Theta ranks, and the Rutgers community through events, recognition, and improvements.

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