Rush Events

What is Rush?
Rush is a series of social events and gatherings that allow prospective and current fraternity members to get to know one another. All events are free with no obligatoin You must attend at least 2 events to be considered for a bid.
So what are you waiting for? Our entire rush week is below! Come find us at fall involvement September 5th. We will see you at the events! can't wait to meet yall!

Rush Schedule
Thrusday, September 8th- Info Session I
-Come meet the brothers of Rutgers Phi Sigma Pi at our first interest meeting and find out why we are the best!
Time/Location: Busch Student Center Center Hall @ 8:00pm

Friday, September 9th- Speed Dating
- Take some time and come chat with our alumni and current brothers and find out why we joined Phi Sigma Pi. Delicious mocktails and finger food will be provided. 
Time/Location: Livingston Coffee House @ 7:30 pm

Monday, September 12th- Info Session II
- This is for the potential members who may have missed the first info session. Come out and meet the brothers of Rutgers Phi Sigma Pi. 
Time/Location: Livingston Student Center 2nd Floor Rm. 202 @6pm

Tuesday, September 13- Service Competition 
- Service is another important aspect of our fraternity. Every semester, each brother is required to complete at least 20 hours. Come join our brothers are we compete to see who can make the most sandwiches by the end of the night. As someone once said, a little competition never hurt anyone. 
Time/Location: Rutgers Zone @8pm

Thursday, September 15th- Bonfire/Movie Night
- Come relax and unwind with the brothers as we roast marshmallows and eat smores. Good company and of course we will pick out a fabulous movie to watch. 
Time/Location: TBD 

Friday, September 16th- BBQ/Field Day
- Boys and girls ready, get set, gooo! Get in touch with your competitive side and come perfect that spiral you have been trying to throw (or just come for the food). We will various sport related activities for you to enjoy. 
Time/Location: TBD

Monday, September 19th- Yoga Night
-After a long week and weekend, what better way to unwind and relax then a yoga night? Come and join us as we all try to perfect that downward dog or the cobra.
Time/Location: Douglass Student Center @6pm

Wednesday, September 21st- Minute to Win It
-Another friendly competition but this time...involving pieing people and running around and bursting ballons. Sounds fun right? Will stop by and join us! 
TIme/Location: Busch Student Center MPR B @8

Thursday, September 22nd- Burrito Night
-Can't afford that dream burrito you always wanted? Fret no more and come join us as we all build the dream burrito bowl. 
Time/Location: Livingston Coffee House @10:30pm

Friday, September 23rd- Invite Only 
- Thanks for stopping by and attending recruitment!! We hope to see all your lovely faces at our future events!

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